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Instruction Guide - Quatro Tiles

Required material and tools

Construction glue, level, pencil, saw and nail gun.


Before fixing HDF tiles with on rails or glueing them on the roof, you should paint them if you desire to harmonize your decoration. Use a whiz paint roller and a water-based finish or a 2-in-1 water-base paint.


To cut tiles, use a laminated floor blade on a saw bench with the finished side upward. If you want to use another type of electric saw, like a portable circular saw or a jig saw with fine teeth, place the finished side downward. To cut ending point, measure and mark the area to cut, drill a hole at each corner of the area and use the fine teeth jig saw to cut ending points.


There are two ways to fix tiles: suspend or glue. All tiles can be suspended, except the 48” x 48”. Suspend the 24” X 24” and 24” X 48” tiles between the T-molding. To replace conventional panels, you only need to take down the old panels and ensure that current structure is still strong. If you have no suspended ceiling and that you have selected 48” X 48” HDF tiles, you can glue them on the plain ceiling with construction glue and add nails with a nail gun.


No specific finishing required.


Clean panels with a clean cloth and soft soap. Avoid using strong soap as it may alter painting.