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Imitation of an onyx without the disadvantages of weight and fragility. Install it yourself, easily and quickly. It is odorless and easy to clean. Can be installed in a bathroom or a slightly humid place. It is designed for the interior.

This imitation of onyx of tones ranging from gray to brown through green will give a touch of opulence to your decor!


For interior wall or ceiling application.

Size : 48’’ x 96’’ (122 cm x 244 cm)
Thickness : 0.25" ( cm)
Surface covered per plank/panel : 32 sq. ft.
Material : HDF made of 100% recycled wood fiber. *** MR50 panel resistant to water and moisture.
Finish : Realistic imitation of onyx

Available colors

Available sizes

48’’ x 96’’ (122 cm x 244 cm)

How many boxes do you need?

Total surface
120sq. ft.
Required boxes*
*Includes cuts and loss
TERRA OnyxOnyx_800x800-1TERRA Onyx
TERRA OnyxOnyx_800x800-4TERRA Onyx
TERRA OnyxOnyx_SD0448_crop_800x800TERRA Onyx
TERRA OnyxOnyx_SD0448_1200x800TERRA Onyx
TERRA OnyxOnyx_SD0596_1200x800wTERRA Onyx
TERRA OnyxOnyx_SD0594-2w_800x1200TERRA Onyx