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For an industrial decor with the taste of the day!

The Times panels impressively imitate the concrete formwork that has become a trend in condominiums and public and private buildings.

To give an amazing industrial look, Times is the wall panel that will settle your decor in the 21st century!

In less than an hour or two, you will get a concrete effect!


HDF panels made of 100% recycled wood fiber
For interior wall or ceiling application!

Size : 48’’ x 96’’ (122 cm x 244 cm)
Thickness : 0.25" ( cm)
Surface covered per plank/panel : 32 sq. ft.
Material : HDF fait de fibres de bois 100% recyclées
Finish : Realistic Imitation of Concrete Formwork

Available colors

Available sizes

48’’ x 96’’ (122 cm x 244 cm)

How many boxes do you need?

Total surface
120sq. ft.
Required boxes*
*Includes cuts and loss
C-MENT TimesC-MENT_Times_PP041-1000x1000w 2C-MENT Times
C-MENT TimesC-MENT_Times_PP047_1200x800C-MENT Times
C-MENT TimesC-MENT_Times_PP054-1000x1000wC-MENT Times
C-MENT TimesC-MENT_Times_3_1000x1000_72dpiC-MENT Times
C-MENT TimesC-MENT_Times_5_1000x1000_72dpiC-MENT Times
C-MENT TimesC-MENT_Times_6_1000x1000_72dpiC-MENT Times
C-MENT TimesC-MENT_Times_10_1000x1000_72dpiC-MENT Times
C-MENT TimesC-MENT_Times_8_1000x1000_72dpiC-MENT Times
C-MENT Times4x8_Times_1200x1200_300dpiC-MENT Times