5 elements you need to include to get that "farmhouse" style!

Creaky floors, a smell a fresh laundry, curtains moving in the breeze, decorative pieces that each have their own story to tell, antique-style furniture, a sense of calm… that’s what the farmhouse style feels like! Voici les éléments clés à intégrer à votre déco pour le laisser entrer chez vous. Here are the key elements to integrate in your decor to let it enter your home!

1- Antique furniture


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2- Neutral colours

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Go for simple white, cream, or faded pastels for the backdrop: there’s nothing better than some neutral tones to give your home that calming feeling!

3- Wood (or imitation-wood

468 White


Wood in any way, shape or form (panels, barnwood, wainscotting etc.) has always been very present in older homes. To get this charming look without going broke, try our HDF panels that imitate the look of different types of paneling (Universel, Ugroove, V-groove, V-joint, Beadboard). You can also give our 468 White panels a try - they look just like whitewashed barnwood!

4- Rustic decorative pieces

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Think about incorporating household items into your decor! A wooden ladder that was a commonly used farm tool back in the day can be reused today as a towel rack in the bathroom! Old wooden apple crates can now be reused as bookcases. And don’t forget wicker baskets! Whether you hang them or keep them on the floor, they’re always a classic element to have in your home!

5- Country-style fabrics

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Wool blankets, hand-woven quilts, stitched throws, flat-woven multicoloured rugs, cotton tablecloths: everything we need to remind us of the houses of our ancestors!
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