3 tips for a cool and clever playroom

A cool and clever playroom

 After the first child comes along, we quickly figure out he’ll need a special place to explore and store his craft supplies and toys. The little corner of the room just won’t cut it anymore; it really takes a whole room. Here are three great ideas to create a play space that’s as fun as it is practical. 


Kids’ interests, games and tastes change as quickly as they grow. So when choosing the floor and wall materials, it’s best to go with a timeless, neutral, non-gendered look—there might be more children to come! The surfaces should obviously be easy to clean since those tiny fingers will want to touch everything. Finishing a wall in unexpected textured panels resembling brick, wainscoting or bleached wood will give the room a clear personality. 

Once you’ve selected the materials, it’s time to add some style with inexpensive pieces like rugs, furniture and popular accessories. For an on-trend look, set up a mini teepee that the kids can use as a secret hiding place. Add a printed rug, poufs and cushions for sitting, a small table for drawing and you’re done! It will be a piece of cake to re-style the room affordably as your child grows. 

Good habits are hard to break. So why not teach kids to pick up their play spaces themselves early on? Make sure there are bins on the ground so tiny tykes can help put away the odds and ends. Low cupboards with baskets are also a great accessible choice for little ones. 

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