A cabin look in the comfort of your home!

Without a cabin to relax in for a well-deserved break, you can decorate part of your house in this theme.  Here are some decorating tips to help you create a warm cocoon!



One of the materials that evokes a cottage style:  wood!  On the floor, as a beam, or through furniture and accessories, wood has no equal to spread an enveloping ambiance throughout a room. If you want to put wood on the walls without breaking the bank, think about our many wall coverings that mimic barn wood.  Brown, grayish or bleached, you are spoiled with choices!



Source : Pinterest@marieclaire.fr; funkyjunkinteriors.net; Pinterest@ateliermaranouk


Soft checkered throws, faux fur, wool blankets, sheepskin…everything is allowed, as long as it’s cozy!  Placed on a loveseat, an armchair, or at the foot of a bed, they will keep you warm by proposing a comforting atmosphere to your decor!


Deco accessories

Source : energienature.fr; Pinterest@Pottery Barn; Pinterest@looklocalmagazine.com


You won’t lack ideas for accessories to recreate a cabin atmosphere!  Wooden crates, metal buckets, deer reproductions, old skis, wooden snowshoes or vintage skates mounted on the wall…A great way to offer a second life to objects stored in the attic or in the garage!  Most importantly, never underestimate the effects of a fireplace!  Electric, gas or wood, it maximizes the heat in your home and submerges you into the perfect cabin atmosphere!

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