Dining Room - Classic Chevron Style

Chevron Whistler

At a glance, wooden slats in a V formation are reminiscent of luxurious European flooring. The enduring geometric pattern is reproduced on these decorative panels that can inject a retro feel or modern refinement into a space, depending on your inspiration. The soft palette with multiple variations of grey guarantees a look that’s both natural and authentic.

Iconic designs are always a sure bet. Pair a chevron pattern with a table like Eero Saarinen’s Tulip and you’ve set the foundations for a timeless look.

If you want to create a unique boudoir atmosphere, go for daring and glamorous. Use a pastel palette, and select accents in luxurious textures like velvet and faux fur.



Green plants in decorative planters are a great, inexpensive option for enhancing an unused space.


Source : MurDesign Lookbook  2019, Chevron Whistler 

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