The advantages of “fake” material

Facings that imitate authentic material are all the rage in the home reno market! These facings offer a nature look – but with a ton of advantages that will make you want to start a new project this weekend!

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Price: More affordable! 
Rustic and industrial decors are trendy right now; many people want to add a touch of barn wood, brick or concrete in their homes. However, these materials (and their installation) can be pricey. Want to achieve a similar look without breaking the bank? Use these imitation facings! You could save up to 75% on costs!

Maintenance: Easier
Natural materials require a lot of maintenance. You must constantly wash them (and varnish some of them) in order for them to keep their luster. If you opt for imitation facings, you’ll make your life easier! Naturally more resistant to dust and easy to clean, these facings can give your home a trendy look – without the hassles! 

Weight: Lighter!
Brick and concrete (materials that are heavy) may require that you reinforce the structures on which you want to apply them. By using lightweight imitation facings, you eliminate this costly and complex step, especially if you need to call the pros!

Installation: Simpler!
Facings that imitate authentic materials are offered in panels or slats, which means that they are very easy and fast to install. All you have to do is set up the facing by following the manufacturer’s instructions. With just a few simple tools (set square, saw, pneumatic nail gun, construction glue) and a bit of resourcefulness, you can install everything yourself very quickly and without relying on professional help. 

Variety: More than you ever thought possible!
Facings that imitate authentic materials (concrete, wood, marble and brick) are produced in a variety of styles! The colours, textures and shapes of the panels and slats go beyond your wildest imagination! The result? You can customize your look – whether you prefer traditional or off-beat designs! 

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