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Made out of recycled wood, the 468 planking collection embodies the rustic spirit. Sober, rough and natural, they go back to the roots with their rich texture and their appearance of passing through the ages. They are offered in three authentic colors: Rustik, Antik and White. They are also offered in three different versatile sizes to perfectly integrate your interior. Dare combining Rustik and Antik for a modern and dazzling effect.

The barn wood effect is the perfect fit for a rustic modern look. Find the right balance between a country house and a contemporary style for your interior. Combine Rustik’s raw finish with Antik for a country style. Looking for a more laid-back style? Add some modern elements and you will get a rough luxury or an industrial design. White 468 will transmit the elegant, distinguished and welcoming touch of a modern rustic environment.

You do not need to be an experienced handyperson or to hire a professional to fix MURdesign's decorative panels. Few basic tools and some will, that’s all what you need. Be tempted to fix them everywhere as they are moisture-resistant.

Get into the trend, a panel at a time.


These 100% recycled embossed wood-particles planks are easy to install and may be painted. For interior use only.
Size : 10 cm × 244 cm (2), 15 cm × 244 cm (1) y 20 cm × 244 cm (1)
Thickness : 0.38" ( cm)
Number of planks per box : 4
Surface covered per box : 15 sq. ft.
Material : Recycled embossed wood particles

Available colors


Available sizes

10 cm × 244 cm (2), 15 cm × 244 cm (1) y 20 cm × 244 cm (1)

How many boxes do you need?

Total surface
120sq. ft.
Required boxes*
*Includes cuts and loss
468 Antik468_Antik_chambre_3_1000x1000w 2468 Antik
468 Antik468_Antik_chambre_4_1422x800468 Antik
468 Antik468_Antik_TV_900x790468 Antik
468 Antik468_Antik_Mirage_750x800468 Antik
468 Antik468_Antik_10x10_300dpi468 Antik