Destinations that will inspire your décor

Celebrate the north

Scandinavian design is always a favourite. With its combination of function with timeless, comfortable style, it’s no surprise plenty of North Americans adore this clean look. Adding imitation blond wood to a wall with CANTON Malmo panels will lend a cozy, bright feeling that’s perfect for our northern climate as well. Place several pieces of 50s-inspired furniture for an all-inclusive trip.


A visit to the Mediterranean

Memories of a trip to Provence can bring the gentle Mediterranean breeze right into your home without even having to step outside! Calling to mind the old-fashioned, romantic charm of southern France, the Shabby tiles will cheer up your décor all the way to the ceiling. They go well with raw or unfinished materials like wood or aged metal.


Inside a British castle

A spot of tea, my Lord and Lady? With the imitation red brick of the BRICK Belmont panels, you might believe yourself in a Tudor manor from the 19th century. They’re a great choice for adding a unique and inviting feature to your living space.



New York loft vibe

Bring the high energy of The Big Apple into your interior design with a vibrant, eclectic style. As the anchor, cover an entire wall with the BRICK Banff panels, which mimic surprisingly well the white brick of New York City lofts.


Where in the world will your next design project take you?

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