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C-MENT Times 24x48


Realistic imitation of concrete formwork.

For an industrial decor with the taste of the day!

The 24x48 Times panels impressively imitate the concrete formwork that has become a trend in condominiums and public and private buildings. Times refers to Times square - New York, where urban and design is an internationally recognized marriage.

By making the concrete coexist with materials such as metal and glass, we induce a strong industrial aesthetic in our decor. To give an amazing industrial look, Times 2X4 is the wall panel that will settle your decor in the 21st century!

See how to create a loft-urban style that doesn't lack in class!

The format of these panels allows them to be transported more easily than a large panel and they are easy and quick to install.

Ideal for installation on walls or ceilings.


Este tablero HDF está hecho de fibra de madera 100% reciclada.
Para la instalación en paredes interiores o techos.

Tamaño: 24’’ x 48’’ (61 cm x 122 cm)
Grosor: 0.25" ( cm)
Superficie cubierta por tablón/panel: 8 ft2
Material: HDF hecho de fibras de madera 100% recicladas
Acabado: Realistic Imitation of Concrete Formwork

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24’’ x 48’’ (61 cm x 122 cm)

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C-MENT Times 24x48Times_24x48_Urban_Loft_Kabe-D-1000x1000C-MENT Times 24x48
C-MENT Times 24x48Times_24x48_Urban_Loft_Kabe-E-1000x1000C-MENT Times 24x48
C-MENT Times 24x48C-MENT_Times_2x4_resto-1000X1000C-MENT Times 24x48
C-MENT Times 24x48Times24x48_4x4po_1000x1000C-MENT Times 24x48