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TERRA Atrium

Room :Office
Surface : Wall

Marble is a stylish luxury material popping up in contemporary interiors more than ever. That said, it isn’t always feasible to spring for the real thing. That’s where these faux marble HDF panels come in. Not only are they affordable, but they perfectly mimic marble. Plus, they are lighter and sturdier than real marble!

Designed for use on both walls and ceilings, these 48'' x 96'' panels can be quickly and easily installed by any weekend warrior. Note, however, that these panels should not be used on surfaces that will be directly exposed to water, such as a shower wall or a kitchen backsplash. Be careful, however: they should not be installed on a surface exposed to water, such as the inside of the shower or the kitchen backsplash! They should also not be installed in a place where humidity will be too present.



  • Faux marble wall panels to add chic decor at a low cost
  • Palm leaves painted on using a stencil for a tropical touch
  • A rug to define the office area
  • White furniture and lighting to accentuate the marble wall
  • Brightly coloured posters to make the interior pop


Design and layout: Karine Matte, Matte & Glossy. Photo: Pratico-pratiques.


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