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Instruction Guide - 468 Panels

Required material and tools

Please note that this product has been discontinued, but may still be available in certain stores.

Nail Gun, Finishing nails, pencil, level, panel adhesive


Before installing MURdesign’s 468 planking, leave them in the room where you plan to install them between 48 and 72 hours prior to installation to acclimate panels to the room’s temperature and humidity level. You need to pay particular attention to the level of humidity of the room where you will fix panels. In the case of wood-based panels, humidity influences the contraction and the expansion of the wood. The humidity level should absolutely be between 30% and 50% inclusively.


To cut panels, use a laminated floor blade on a saw bench with the finished side upward. If you want to use another type of electric saw, like a portable circular saw or a jig saw with fine teeth, place the finished side downward. To cut ending point, measure and mark the area to cut, drill a hole at each corner of the area and use the fine teeth jig saw to cut ending points.


Panels require a stable, flat and straight surface (gypsum, plywood, wooden slabs) as they must be glued AND nailed. Do not fix them directly on 2 X 4 studs: you need first to fix wood slabs at every 12 inches between studs. It is not recommend to fix panels in a room where humidity rate highly variates. Installing panels in such environment will void the guarantee.


The panel’s surface is ready to receive a variety of different finishes, including stain, varnish and lacquer. Gel and alkyd-based gels applied with a brush are recommended to replicate a wood grain effect on panels.


Clean panels with a clean cloth and soft soap. Avoid using strong soap as it may alter painting.