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This panel composed of 5 large planks of timeless blond wood, is perfect for creating a cocooning decoration. With our Hd3 process (High definition of digital design) realism is striking.

Scandinavian countries have developed this style to overcome the lack of light and the cold. They developed it along with the Scandinavian style by the need to transform the home into a neat, cozy and pleasant little cocoon.

By mixing large enveloping cushions with woolen carpets, leather or fake furs that will warm the atmosphere. The use of neutral shades with the addition of touches of warm colors like terracotta or midnight blue, will invite serenity and letting go.

By choosing different types of lighting, we will vary the brightness according to the desired moods. Thus, candles, lamps and garlands of light will coexist easily.

For a rather Scandinavian look, we will integrate furniture inspired by the 1950s.

Malmo will help bring a bright and warm touch to your decor and it will transform your interior into a real haven of peace!


HDF panels made of 100% recycled wood fiber.
For interior wall and ceiling application!

Size : 48’’ x 96’’ (122 cm x 244 cm)
Thickness : 0.25" ( cm)
Surface covered per plank/panel : 32 sq. ft.
Material : HDF made from 100% recycled wood fibers
Finish : Realistic imitation of Scandinavian-inspired blond wood.

Available colors

Available sizes

48’’ x 96’’ (122 cm x 244 cm)

How many boxes do you need?

Total surface
120sq. ft.
Required boxes*
*Includes cuts and loss
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