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Give some relief to your walls with the Duo collection. These rectangular two-plies panels (0.25 in. (0.635 cm) and 0.5 in. (1.27 cm)) create shadow areas, and add some depth in a room. A well-located downward light will emphasizes stunning shadow and light contrasts. Their modular simplicity espouses well a minimalist and modern design.

Create sober or bold patterns by randomly or selectively combining several plies. Customize your space and create a vertical or a horizontal mosaic. Be bold and use 2 different sizes. Beyond their versatility, they will inspire a contemporary and timeless design. Affordable, elegant and easy to install. They will embellish your interior in a glimpse.

Let your imagination taking control!


This 100% recycled wood panel is easy to install. For interior use only.

Thickness: 0.25 in. (0.635 cm) and 0.5 in. (1.27 cm)

Size : 6" × 32"
Thickness : 0.00" ( cm)
Number of panels per box : 12
Surface covered per box : 16 sq. ft.
Material : HDF
Finish : Concreto

Available colors


Available sizes

6" × 32"
8" x 32"

How many boxes do you need?

Total surface
120sq. ft.
Required boxes*
*Includes cuts and loss
DUO BétonDUO_beton6-PP0018-1000x1000wDUO Béton
DUO BétonDUO_beton6_PP009-1000x1000wDUO Béton
DUO BétonDUO_beton_MFG_ap_3_1060x800DUO Béton
Duo BétonDUO_beton_low_04Duo Béton
Duo BétonDUO_beton_low_10Duo Béton
Duo BétonDUO_Tuile_beton_PP19_800x1200Duo Béton
Duo BétonDUO_Tuile_beton_PP42_800x1200Duo Béton
DUO BétonDUO_beton_coiffure_690x1024DUO Béton
DUO BétonDUO_beton_33_1250x800_LLDUO Béton
DUO BétonBETON6-32-1000x1000wDUO Béton