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METAL Copperni 12x48


Small decorative panels with a copper look, half of which have various patterns embedded in the texture.

Adding this copper color will undoubtedly add warmth to your decor. This dose of burnt orange is sure to spruce up your space.

These panels can be installed in a very linear way, one on top of the other, well aligned or staggered or whatever arrangement you like.

Before permanently installing them, do a ground test, making sure you like the layout.

Daring in a chic, modern, industrial or eclectic decor.

The size of these panels makes them easier to transport than a large panel and they are quick and easy to install. Ideal for installation on walls or ceilings.

Note that colors and tones may vary from batch to batch. So make sure you get enough panels for your entire project.


Este tablero HDF está hecho de fibra de madera 100% reciclada.
Para la instalación en paredes interiores o techos.

Tamaño: 12’’ x 48’’ (30.5 cm x 122 cm)
Grosor: 0.25" ( cm)
Superficie cubierta por tablón/panel: 32 ft2
Material: HDF hecho de fibras de madera 100% recicladas
Acabado: Realistic patinated metal imitation

Colores disponibles

Tamaños disponibles

12’’ x 48’’ (30.5 cm x 122 cm)

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METAL Copperni 12x48METAL_Copperni_M1608_Salon_01-1000x1000w 2METAL Copperni 12x48
METAL Copperni 12x48METAL_Copperni_M1608_Salon_02-1000x1000wMETAL Copperni 12x48
METAL Copperni 12x48METAL_Copperni_M1608_Salon_03-1000x1000wMETAL Copperni 12x48
METAL Copperni 12x48Copperni-1x4-Bureau-1000x1000METAL Copperni 12x48
METAL Copperni 12x48Copperni-1x4-Bureau-b-1000x1000METAL Copperni 12x48
METAL Copperni 12x48Copperni_12x48_1000x1000METAL Copperni 12x48