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CANTON Hambourg 24x48


Very realistic imitation of black wooden slats arranged V and forming rafters when installed.

Add contrast and dimension to your decor with these ebony colored chevrons.

A trendy shade, black creates intimate and sophisticated atmospheres that harmonize with both modern and more traditional sets.

See how the boutique hotel style asserts itself with a simple decoration that is so relaxing and pleasant!

The format of these panels allows them to be transported more easily than a large panel and they are easy and quick to install. Ideal for installation on walls or ceilings.

Attention: during installation, watch the direction of the panel so that the pattern forms W continuously from one panel to another and so that it forms diamonds in the center.


Este tablero HDF está hecho de fibra de madera 100% reciclada.
Para la instalación en paredes interiores o techos.

Tamaño: 24’’ x 48’’ (61 cm x 122 cm)
Grosor: 0.25" ( cm)
Superficie cubierta por tablón/panel: 32 ft2
Material: HDF hecho de fibras de madera 100% recicladas
Acabado: Imitación realista de madera de granero marrón

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Tamaños disponibles

24’’ x 48’’ (61 cm x 122 cm)

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CANTON Hambourg 24x48Hambourg_24x48_Rustic_Chic_Kabe-A-1000x1000 2CANTON Hambourg 24x48
CANTON Hambourg 24x48Hambourg_24x48_Rustic_Chic_Kabe-B-1000x1000CANTON Hambourg 24x48
CANTON Hambourg 24x48Hambourg_24x48_Rustic_Chic_Kabe-A2-1000x1000CANTON Hambourg 24x48
CANTON Hambourg 24x48Hambourg_24x48_Rustic_Chic_Kabe-C2-1000x1000CANTON Hambourg 24x48
CANTON Hambourg 24x48Hambourg_24x48_Rustic_Chic_Kabe-C-1000x1000CANTON Hambourg 24x48
CANTON Hambourg 24x48Hambourg_24x48_Rustic_Chic_Kabe-E-1000x1000CANTON Hambourg 24x48
CANTON Hambourg 24x48Hambourg_24x48_Rustic_Chic_Kabe-D2-1000x1000CANTON Hambourg 24x48
CANTON Hambourg 24x48Hambourg24x48_1000x1000CANTON Hambourg 24x48