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C-MENT Times-Peony


Symbol of beauty and happiness, this iconic flower is the perfect motive to add a touch of romance to your decor.

Mix it up with C-MENT Times to give your room a trendy look.

*Pay attention and install the panel in the direction indicated by an arrow on the back. The peonies, as well as the shading carried in the round cavities must be found at the top to simulate that the light arrives from above.


HDF panels made of 100% recycled wood fiber
For interior wall or ceiling application!

Tamaño: 48’’ x 96’’ (122 cm x 244 cm)
Grosor: 0.25" ( cm)
Superficie cubierta por tablón/panel: 32 ft2
Material: HDF hecho de fibras de madera 100% recicladas
Acabado: Realistic Imitation of Concrete Formwork

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Tamaños disponibles

48’’ x 96’’ (122 cm x 244 cm)

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C-MENT Times-PeonyC-MENT_Times_Peony_salon-1000x1000w 2C-MENT Times-Peony
C-MENT Times-PeonyC-MENT_TimesPeony_chambre-wC-MENT Times-Peony
C-MENT Times-PeonyC-MENT_Times_PeonyA1-_1000x1000wC-MENT Times-Peony
C-MENT Times-PeonyC-MENT_Times_Peony_CloseUp_A-1-000x1000wC-MENT Times-Peony
C-MENT Times-PeonyC-MENT_Times_Peony_1000x1000wC-MENT Times-Peony
C-MENT Times-PeonyC-MENT_Times_Peony_CloseUp_1000x1000wC-MENT Times-Peony