4 ways to bring some WOW to the playroom

Getting chilly outside? It’s time to play indoors! But first, take some time to set up the playroom so it works for everyone.

Highlight personality

So, what’s the first step? Covering a wall with unusual patterned wall panels* will inject personality and uniqueness into the welcoming space.

Why not put up a white imitation-brick wall with BRICK Caruso panels? They’re incredibly fast and easy to install.


Bring in some light

Even a basement playroom needs to be bright. Here’s a tip: some panels, like BRICK Diamond, accentuate the natural light in a room while creating a cozy setting. It’s perfect for a reading or relaxing nook.

In the heart of the jungle

Are you ready to step into the Amazon or an animal-filled jungle? Choose a theme children will love, that sparks their imagination and creativity, and that will also grow with them.


Add some stuffed animals, some greenery and a wall covering of oversized leaves, like NATURE Calao. Maybe even take it into the more daring dark green with NATURE Quetzal.

The WOW effect

Your teens will impress their friends with the Montreal Industriel mural and its nod to an iconic element of the city’s skyline. It would also make a sweeping backdrop for a bar or home cinema!

It’s play time!

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