Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Can I fix panels directly on studs?

We recommend to apply panels on a firm and stable basis (substratum) to ensure panels are equally glued. Gypsum or plywood walls are preferable. An alternative solution could be to nail horizontal wooden slabs at every 12 inches on 2 X 4 studs. We recommend to ensure a steady and flat base to nail and glue panels. Applying panels on the 2 X 4 studs may deteriorate panels as a house foundation always moves. More information can be found on our website “set-up” section.

Where can we buy your products? Can I order it directly from you?

We do not sell our products directly to consumers. We prefer to develop a strong relations with distributors and resellers. Our MURdesign HDF panels are available in home improvement centers (please consult the retailers page on our website), while D3D panels are available in decoration stores or home improvement center’s decoration departments. For D3D panels, send us an email mentioning your geographic area, and we will refer you to local retailers.

How to fill joints between panels?

Panels have been conceived to lean against each other. Joints are not visible, but once panels are installed and finished, they disappeared with a layer of paint on joints.

Are MURdesign products suitable for a bathroom?

In a sizeable and ventilated bathroom, there is no problem, if you use the adequate kind of paint. We do not recommend it in a small unwinded bathroom. In either case, it is not recommended to apply our products on walls within a shower or around a bath tub.

What type of paint is recommended?

Our paneling type, such as Orleans, Shiplap, V-Groove, U-Groove, Delano, Ultra True Bead, Universel as well as our half-wall panels can be painted. Ideally, sand first for a better finish and paint them like you just paint a wall.

Here are the corresponding brands that matches our white coat:

BenjaminMoore:OC-65 / Eggshell finish

Rona:5280-1 Natural White / Eggshell finish

I went to a retailer, but he did not have in stock the model I wanted.

All MURdesign retailers can order any model through special orders.

Is there a showroom with all models?

Several retailers show our products painted or stained.

Are MURdesign panels, and the formaldehyde they contain, a health hazard?

We are proud to work with our suppliers on environment-friendly solutions. Our panels respect all norms on volatile organic compound from regulating agencies.

Are panels flammable?

Our panels meet the C CLASS requirement for fire propagation. It is advisable to see municipal bylaws before applying our product. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Do you have a catalogue of all your models?

You will find our catalogue in stores where our products are sold. You can ask for it. It is also available online.

If you have any questions, please contact us.