3 ways to add some oomph to your dining room!

Regardless of whether your dining room furniture is traditional, country, retro or modern, it’s the people who share a meal there who give the room its soul. But you should still give it some attention so it will be a friendly, pleasant place to dine together. Here are three creative ideas to update your dining room.

1.  Industrial glam: Just about anything goes with clean-lined black furniture. We like the idea of making the dining room a chic space so even weekday meals seem special. The Titanium-Tango wall panels in the METAL collection, which look just like silver titanium embellished with subtle patterns, work well to set off minimalist pieces.





Design tip: Hints of gilt metal can punch up a monochrome décor of neutral tones like black and grey.


2.    Warm rustic: The country feel takes on an urban air with panels resembling whitewashed concrete and wood, like CANTON Dunham. The wall panels create a backdrop that emphasizes the natural wood types used in antique furniture, without overpowering or watering down their beauty.

Design tip: If you’ve always had coordinated sideboard, table and chairs, take the plunge and paint one of them a different colour for a more modern look.


3.     Modern vintage: European elegance ages well. How do we know? Consider how the chevron pattern of old wooden floors is still fashionable. Why not make the most of the legendary style’s popularity to dress up your walls? The decorative CHEVRON Whistler panels resembling V-shaped slats will give the dining room a retro yet refined touch.




Design tip: If you’re looking to buy furniture to upgrade the dining room, go for the sure bet of iconic designs. For example, the illustrious round-topped Tulip-style table by Eero Saarinen is a timeless classic.

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