5 ways to use the chevron pattern

While it’s the trendy geometric pattern right now, chevron has been around for a long time. Featured in thick comforters and quilts back then, these days it’s taking over walls and floors. Here are five ways it can bring some punch to your décor.

Make a stand-out entryway

Used in the foyer, the chevron pattern creates a wow effect the second you open the door. But which is best? Available in a range of wood textures and colours, the CHEVRON wall panel collection makes any décor look custom-designed.








Dress up the bedroom

The deep ebony of the CHEVRON Vesper panels adds depth to a room. With its look-a-like wooden slats, this chevron is warm and soothing. It’s the ideal touch of elegance to frame the bed in a bedroom.

Tip: These panels look great with gold accessories and contrast strikingly with airy white curtains.

Focus attention on a wall

The eye-catching CHEVRON Whistler panels are perfect to set off stairways, define an office space or add a graphic look to your fun gallery wall. The grey tint melds perfectly with a modern style.


Liven up the living room

Chevron gives a room added dimension. Adding rhythm to the room with its zigzagging whitened-wood look, CHEVRON Martini wall panels are full of character and style.


Expand the bathroom

The chevron pattern makes narrow bathrooms look bigger.

Tip: While installing, make sure the panels all have the W shape as you put them up. It’s always best to be sure

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