Setting up a home office

Where do you start? Whether it’s for telework or for homework, the area needs to be functional, pleasant and well organized, because organization is the key to success!

That’s why it’s so important to have a clearly separate office space in a quiet location. Squeezing into a spot on the kitchen counter isn’t ideal for putting out your best work!

Good lighting

Working in a well-lit area is essential. Is your room too dark? Create a play between light and shadow with DUO wall panels. Their varied thickness creates an elegant relief on walls. Did you know that they come in white but can be painted any colour you like? If your looking for a special feel, DUO panels are also available in imitation marble or concrete.


Separate zone

Creating a space that’s just for work is needed to make a clear difference between the home’s personal and professional areas. Don’t have a whole room to use as an office? Designate part of a room and define it with bold, unique wall panels that reflect your style.

For your teen’s office, try METAL Zinc-16. It’s very, very cool!

If you’re going for a sophisticated look, NATURE Calao will immediately bring the wow effect. Hang it behind you and impress your colleagues during your next video conference!

All that’s left is to decorate your office with colourful accessories and storage furniture. Then you’re off to work!



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