Five tips for California-style home decor

Think light

Lean on white hues (walls, ceiling, sofas)! Not only will this give you lots of colour and material combinations to play with, but it can really brighten up a space, since white reflects light really well. Don’t forget to choose a thin, translucent window covering that allows daylight into your home! Let the sunshine in!


Get some plants into the mix

A real California style needs lots of plants! Mix different kinds of cacti (a nod to the California desert) with large-leaved green tropical plants (a touch of the exotic!). Put different plant sizes together to get an arrangement that pops. Psst! Plant picture frames are also welcome!


Use basketwork

Armchairs, hanging chairs, baskets, mats, placemats, hanging baskets, lampshades, mirrors… home accessories and furniture made of seagrass, rattan and wicker have a prominent place in California style! It’s reminiscent of the hippie era and it adds a bohemian touch. You’ll be relaxed to the max!


Mix and match more patterns

Whether on a carpet, throw, cushion or wall hanging, geometric and international patterns work great! Dare to mix styles and colours for unique results! Wow factor guaranteed!


Think… California

A surfboard leaning against the wall, the memory of a road trip on Route 66 turned into a mural, a buffalo skull centre stage above the fireplace, a cowhide stretched out on the floor… it’s easy! Your interior decoration can incorporate anything that evokes California of the past and present!


Looking for wall facings that work with California-style decor? Our Orleans, BRICK Caruso, BRICK Belmont, Delano, Universal and V-Groove panels are the perfect fit!


To see some beautiful California-inspired design, consult our Pinterest board!

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Five tips for California-style home decor california-style-decorFive tips for California-style home decor