3 tips for getting the style you want for your decor

Learn more about the style!

Visit blogs and social media pages dedicated to this style of design. If you don’t already have one, open a Pinterest account and create a themed board where you can pin decor ideas in the style you’re looking for. For inspiration, check out our Pinterest page: we’ve already created several boards on different styles! Click here!


Create a common thread!

An object or piece of furniture that you really love could be the starting point for your decor. Design the rest of the room around this piece by choosing accessories, furniture and colours that complement it. Or maybe you’ve fallen in love with a certain style of panelling—let it guide you to the look you want. Need inspiration? Visit our “Products” page right here!


Accent boldly!

Choose one dominant style and then add finishing touches to your home design with objects, colours or furnishings from another trend or era. Combining styles is becoming more and more popular and lets you really personalize your space. For example, finish off a Scandinavian design with some industrial touches and presto! You’ve got a unique industrial Scandinavian look!

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