Understanding hygge (and how to decorate using the concept)

Danish people are known for embracing happiness and joy, and they even have a word that describes this quest for wellness in daily life: hygge (pronounced “hue-guh”).

Hygge is an ideology that encourages cultivating contentedness in the every day. It arises through enjoying simple pleasures, like sipping a hot drink on a cold day, playing a board game with the family and chatting with friends around a fire. It’s about slowing down and spending special moments with those we love. It’s not surprising that home is the heart of this art of living. 



To conjure this Scandinavian-style cocooning, we suggest a cozy décor that follows these four commandments:

1.    Go with a calm, neutral palette of colours that blend together well in a monochrome setting of whites, beiges and greys. Enhance the look with touches of pastel.

2.    Select natural materials like jute, wool, fur, cork or leather. Wall panels that perfectly replicate the look of wood, concrete and brick make a highly affordable accent when creating this restful atmosphere.

3.    Declutter by removing unnecessary items. Display only attractive useful objects, framed pictures of joyful memories and small green plants. A few decorative additions will add to the feeling of comfort, like a fluffy throw to cozy up in or some soft cushions to sink into. 

4.    Soft lighting is essential to shaping an oasis of serenity. Light linen curtains hung in the window tone down the intensity of the sunlight. In the evening, candles are a must to create a warm, homey feel.


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