Go metallic for a universal décor

The living room is usually neutral territory where all the family members can be together. Even though its design goals are function, timelessness and unanimous satisfaction, there’s no need to make it impersonal and boring. To create a successful, unisex look that’s got flair, say yes to minimalist furniture, which gets a boost of refinement when paired with mineral-inspired wall panels.

Here are a few great ideas.    

1.     Metal Copper et Metal Copperni: These large, square or rectangular tiles resemble time-worn copper. The mottled panels—in glowing tones ranging from amber to tawny brown—work perfectly together to radiate that coveted warm feeling in the room. Still neutral, like all the metals, copper is easy to match, and adds an industrial touch to your interior design.
















2.     Terra Onyx : This design mimics onyx to a tee, replicating the stone’s imperfect striation and pearly effects. The undulating shades of grey, beige, brown and green almost create a fresco. Breathtaking when set on a section of wall with high ceilings, this wall covering is just as impressive in small doses.


To avoid taking away from the mineral accent, focus on rich materials like velour, wood, leather or fur. And since opposites attract in design, raw materials go well with modern lacquered wood and graphic details. Black-and-white art and touches of greenery will bring the entire look to life.


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