Trend watch: Faux marble

Seen as overly formal or even pretentious, marble has long been snubbed by interior decorators. Now, it’s staging a comeback in our homes. Here’s how to tastefully incorporate this material in any room of your home!


Photo credit: Pratico-pratiques and MURdesign

These varied-thickness faux marble panels create a beautiful focal point at the head of this bed! In the photo: our DUO Atrium panels! For more information, see here!



Photo credit: Pratico-pratiques and MURdesign

Paired with pastel tones and exotic accents, this design takes faux marble off the beaten path! Proof that a little boldness goes a long way without breaking the bank, thanks to our easy-to-install TERRA Atrium wall panels! These panels are moisture- and mould-resistant, making them perfect for decorating your basement, bathroom or kitchen! *Note: not for use in showers or as a backsplash.



Photo credit: Studio McGee

Proof that marble can be used with a light touch! This look is far from stuffy and ornate! Subtly incorporated into the floor mosaic and the sink counter, this faux marble adds a quiet touch of elegance to this classic-style bathroom. WE LOVE IT!



Photo credit: Pinterest.com/OuiDeco

Pastel tones, marble and brass: a timeless, delightfully gentle combination! Don’t want to spend a fortune on a real marble countertop and backsplash? Go with faux marble laminate instead!


Home accessories

If you prefer marble in small doses, add some trendy touches with your home accessories! Flower pots, bathroom accessories (cups, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers), pillowcases, dishware, candleholders, pillows... the options are endless. For even more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board here!

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