New life for the sideboard

With our penchant for the ultra-spare look, we have a tendency to purge large furniture pieces from our living spaces. The sideboard is one that often gets the boot, but we think it deserves to be brought back! Here are three good reasons to reconnect with this notable and practical essential.

1.     Balances a room.

From a design point of view, the sideboard acts as a link between the other dining room furniture. Traditionally part of a set, along with the table and chairs, a coordinated sideboard naturally makes a room look well-composed. Yet there’s nothing to keep you from expressing your creativity by mixing styles. An antique china cabinet passed down through the family can be painted and modernized, giving soul to a piece with simple lines.






2.    Multi-tasks.

A hutch is a great storage cupboard for keeping tablecloths, napkins, place setting accessories and cutlery out of sight. But we often forget that we can also use a sideboard as an accent table to add life to the space. For example, place a mishmash of dishes on the sideboard for a casual, welcoming potluck. Make the room your own by topping the piece with attractive decorative objects, like a candle in a hurricane jar, live plants or beautiful books.


3.    Anchors the style.

1.     Since it’s always backed against a wall, even the plainest sideboard gets a boost of style when paired with the right type of wall dressing. Wall panels, which imitate the textures of wood, concrete, metal, marble and more, are a simple, inexpensive solution that automatically injects style and restores honour to a piece of furniture that deserves the spotlight.



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