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CHEVRON Whistler


Very realistic imitation of whitened wood slats.

Arranged in chevrons, these add a graphic and dynamic touch to all sets. Used sparingly, they are a great way to revive a room.

Whistler is available in three different panels with a chevron pattern that fits perfectly together. You can lay them next to each other, as many times as you want, without losing the sequence of the chevron. Attention: during installation, watch the direction of the panel to make sure that the pattern in W continues from one panel to another.

They are of course simple and quick to install. They are also very easy to maintain.


HDF panels made of 100% recycled wood fiber.
For interior wall and ceiling application!

Size : 48’’ x 96’’ (122 cm x 244 cm)
Thickness : 0.25" ( cm)
Surface covered per plank/panel : 32 sq. ft.
Material : HDF made from 100% recycled wood fibers
Finish : Realistic imitation of gray whitened chevrons

Available colors

Available sizes

48’’ x 96’’ (122 cm x 244 cm)

How many boxes do you need?

Total surface
120sq. ft.
Required boxes*
*Includes cuts and loss
CHEVRON WhistlerCHEVRON_Whistler_M1608_SalleManger_02-1000x1000wCHEVRON Whistler
CHEVRON WhistlerCHEVRON_Whistler_M1608_SalleManger_01-1000x1000wCHEVRON Whistler
CHEVRON WhistlerCHEVRON_Whistler_M1608_Boudoir_01-1000x1000wCHEVRON Whistler
CHEVRON WhistlerCHEVRON_Whistler_M1608_Entree_01-1000x1000wCHEVRON Whistler
CHEVRON WhistlerCHEVRON_Whistler_M1608_Entree_04-1000x1000wCHEVRON Whistler
CHEVRON WhistlerCHEVRON_Whistler_PP_Lavage-029-1000x1000wCHEVRON Whistler
CHEVRON WhistlerCHEVRON_Whistler_PP_Lavage-004-1000x1000wCHEVRON Whistler
CHEVRON WhistlerCHEVRON_Whistler_PP_Lavage-012-1000x1000wCHEVRON Whistler
CHEVRON WhistlerCHEVRON_Whistler_1000x1000wCHEVRON Whistler
CHEVRON WhistlerChevron_Whistler-CloseUp-1000x1000CHEVRON Whistler