Designing a small space? Five things to keep in mind!

Choose the right colours

It’s a known fact that very pale colours visually expand a room. If you want to give a more spacious feel to a cramped room, paint the walls and ceiling in the same light-coloured hue or a spotless white. If you want to add a little personality to your walls and ceilings, choose panelling with some structure like our wainscot-style, shiplap or whitewashed barn wood panels or our DUO White or DUO Atrium panels. Half-wall mouldings like our Mirage or Hilton panels are also a beautiful option!


Make use of the full height of the walls

With a small room, you might as well use the walls to their fullest! To take advantage of every square centimetre, extend your cupboards and shelves right up to the ceiling. In addition to increasing your storage space, it will have the effect of visually raising your ceilings.


Consider mirrors

Do you have a tiny dining room? Swap the picture frame hanging above your sideboard for a long, rectangular mirror. There’s nothing like it for reflecting light and creating the illusion of a larger space!


Opt for the right furniture

The first thing to do in a small space is to avoid overloading your rooms with a ton of excess furniture. You need to prioritize and focus on the essential! Choosing dual-function furniture is also a great way to optimize your square metres (chest bench, pouf with storage, bed with drawers, etc.), along with compact, transparent, foldaway or hanging furniture.


Multiply your lighting sources

Recessed lights, accent lamps, hanging lights, and so on—a variety of light sources installed in the right places allows you to shine light on the smallest corners of a room. Spread the word: a well-lit room always seems more spacious than a dark room! Choose a light and airy window treatment to let the daylight into your home.

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