5 ways to create a focal point

Use a great light fixture

Miser sur un luminaire

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While their primary use is lighting up a room, you can also use light fixtures to decorate a room beautifully. By using one of a larger size, one that is particularly unique, or even using a cluster of fixtures arranged strategically… you can attract peoples’ attention to an attractive element easily.

Create a wall of picture frames

Mure de cadre

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Mure de cadre

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Family photos, vacation memories, children’s drawings, dried leaves… Put everything into beautiful frames and create your own art gallery. To make sure everything fits together well, take the time to draw out how you’ll hang your frames before actually hanging them up. Here’s how to do it : https://goo.gl/dWL5hv.

Include a fireplace

Intégrer un foyer

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A roaring fireplace is impossible to miss in any room! But what’s great about fireplaces is that they attract our eyes even when they aren’t in use, especially when they’re right in the middle of a perfectly symmetrical decor!

Create a green and leafy corner

Aménager un coin vert

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Aménager un coin vert

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Either on the wall, on a few floating shelves, suspended from hanging containers (glass, terracotta, metal), or just placed directly on the floor, plants are always a great way to attract the eye to a naturally beautiful element!

Choose an accent wall

Élire un mur accent
Élire un mur accent

An accent wall is a wall that we accentuate in order to break up the monotony of an otherwise bland room. And paint isn’t the only way to do this! By using different types of wall panels, you can create that “wow” effect that shows off the entire room’s style. Here are a few suggestions to get the look you want!

  • Rustic
    Our CANTON panels (Magog, Sutton, Hatley, Orford, Eastman) or 468 (Antik, Blanc) are great for imitating barn wood!
  • Urban or industrial
    Maybe we can tempt you with either some concrete-imitation panels (C-MENT Times, DUO Béton, TUILE effet béton) or brick-imitation panels (BRICK Caruso, BRICK Belmont).
  • Farm or bohemian
    Some of our panels imitate old-school wainscoting (Universel, U-groove, V-groove, Beadboard, V-joint) and white-washed wood (468 Blanc, CANTON Eastman)!
  • Contemporary
    Try our DUO panels! White or concrete-colour: definitely “wow” material!
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