Reinvent your teen’s office in 3 easy steps

The first school bell has barely rung and already the teen in the house is hopping from his room to the living room to the kitchen to do his homework. Why not set up a special place just for him? Here are some ideas that will get him on board too.


Small, but effective


A teen office needn’t take up an entire room. A well-planned space in the corner of a bedroom or in the basement hang-out space will do just fine. The most important thing is to set this wall-less area apart from the rest of the room. One clever trick is dressing the wall behind the desk in a textured wall covering that works well with the room. Teens love the industrial style created with a mimics of weathered metal panels (METAL Zinc panels are perfect for this) and the natural feeling from panels resembling wood (like the beautiful Canton Dunham panels that look like bleached, aged wood with imbedded concrete). If privacy is in order, hang some curtains from the ceiling or screen off the area using a small bookshelf.




Well organized








Keep the space clutter-free with a drawer unit or stacking bins. No room for storage furniture? No problem! Clear off a few shelves in a closet for papers and books.


Make it their own


éTo feel like this space is really his, have him add some decorative touches that she loves. Besides being functional, the furniture style should also be timeless. But your teen can personalize his study space with a lamp and some framed pictures. What’s in right now? Posters with quotations, metal objects, rugs in geometric prints, succulents and floating shelves. This is the perfect occasion to let him unleash his creativity!



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