What’s on-trend: Provence in the kitchen

Provence has that je ne sais quoi that captures the imagination. With its fields of lavender, fishing villages, vineyards, olive groves and tasteful cuisine, it’s not surprising we want to import a dash of the Provençal way of life.

The key element in creating the spirit of southern France is handmade mosaic-style tile. Manifestly popular in European kitchens, this new take on old earthenware is inspired by the master potters of times past. It’s impossible not to crack for these tiles with their lovely ornamental patterns combining curves and geometric shapes, each unique, that look hand-painted. To make it more personal, people would install the tiles randomly, without putting too much thought into placement.

The Arles wall panels are just the thing you need to recreate this rustic Provençal feeling at an affordable price. Easy to install, there are four unique panels of 50 tiles in various patterns. They work together to create a cohesive monochrome look in a soft palette that’s perfect for the kitchen. 

What should you add to make the feel of Provence complete?


Focus on furniture with clean lines and avoid flashy hardware. Seek out items like a hardwood island or hutch, a metal credenza or a classic table and chairs. Add a few pots of fresh herbs, like basil and rosemary, and voila! You’ve done it!

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