Vertical or horizontal: Which way should the panels go?

Inspired by the beauty of this natural resource, wood-look panels add character and energy to interiors, and are affordable and easy to install too. But is it better to put them up vertically or horizontally?


It’s pretty well-known that stripes, slats or any type of horizontal line make a room or hallway look bigger. The same goes for wall panels.

Are you looking for a subtle, modern effect? Go with the linear Orléans panels for a contemporary style.










And the opposite holds true: vertical lines create the illusion of height and make the ceiling look much higher.

TIP : The CANTON series comes in different styles of wood slats, but you don’t have to put them up one at a time. Installed vertically, the panel seams are practically invisible!






Regardless of their direction, these elegant panels are perfect for a wall or an accent wall, adding visual interest without going overboard on decoration.

Tip: When applying the panels horizontally, stagger them so that the seams don’t line up across the wall.



Why not use vertical lines on the bottom of a wall? Wainscoting is making a comeback, so the Riviera panels are ideal for adding texture and character to your room or office.

Psst! Paint the panels a different colour to accentuate the break and add a moulding to hide the seams.

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