Guías de instalación

MURdesign's wall panels and ceiling tiles convey style and elegance to your decoration in no time. Tenga en cuenta que los colores y los tonos pueden variar de un lote de producto a otro. Así que asegúrese de obtener suficientes señales para todo su proyecto. Tenga en cuenta que no realizamos una instalación. To make your job easier, here are some tips and installation videos links at the bottom of the page:

Installation as a fireplace mantel:
MURdesign’s tiles and panels meet the C CLASS requirement for fire propagation. They are not fireproof. So it is not recommended to install them close to a major heat source such as fireplaces. Refer to your furnace manufacturer's instructions and your municipality's regulations before proceeding to the installation.

Installation in a bathroom or as a kitchen backsplash:
MURdesign’s tiles and panels are not water resistant and are very sensitive to moisture. It is not recommended to install them in bathrooms or as a backsplash in a kitchen. To give them the best possible conditions, the relative humidity must always be between 30% and 50%. Always allow your panels to sit for 48 to 72 hours in the room where you plan to install them to acclimatize to the ambient temperature and humidity of the room. Dock the panels to the wall for 8 feet (2.348 m) to allow adequate room air circulation between the panels.

Acoustic properties:
MURdesign’s tiles and panels have acoustic characteristics similar to those of gypsum. They are not designed to soundproof a room.

Optimum installation surfaces:
Although it is possible to install the panels on a surface other than a wall of gypsum or plywood, we recommend having a solid base and level. It is preferable that the panels can be securely glued and nailed. Thus, if the house undergoes transformation over time, there will be much less impact on the spacings between the panels.

Installation in the basement:
MURdesign’s panels can be installed without problem in the basement.

Follow the installation guide’s steps to get an immaculate and harmonious style.
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