Boho style

Part hippie, part nomad, boho decor transports us to a universe that exists midway between international and vintage styles. Here are a few ways to successfully incorporate the aesthetic into your home.

Wall facings

Panels, wooden planks and bricks are all welcome! To recreate the effect of these authentic facings in an easy (and less expensive!) way, consider our various HDF panels made of 100% recycled wood.

Panel style: V-Groove 4 po, Universel, Beadboard 4 po, Orleans (shiplap style)

Whitewashed wood style: Canton Eastman, 468 Blanc

Brick style: BRICK Caruso (white brick) and BRICK Belmont (red brick)

Wainscot style: Mirage (half-wall)



Choose vintage pieces or second-hand furniture. Explore ads on the web or wander around garage sales and flea markets—you might find a few treasures that cost next to nothing! Accent pieces with a multicultural flair can also work well with this type of decor, leaving us itching to travel.


Decorative accessories

Macramé wall hangings, hammock chairs, sisal or jute rugs, seagrass or wicker baskets: anything made of natural fibres with an artisanal look is welcome here! Did you bring back any souvenirs from a trip to Indonesia or Morocco? Integrate them into your design! Bohemian decor evokes comfort and relaxation, so feel free to pile on the cushions. Patterned, solid-coloured, with or without fringe—spread them all out on your love seat or across the floor. Anything goes! And most importantly, make sure you leave enough space for the plants. Cacti, succulents and exotic plants give us the feeling that nature isn’t far away!


Colour palette

Follow your own taste! If you like understated, minimal decor, go for neutral hues (white, light grey or pastel tints) that you could liven up with more colourful accessories. If you prefer a cozier ambiance, consider painting your walls a warmer colour, like ochre or orange.


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