Focal wall in the bedroom

How do you create a focal point in the bedroom without taking up too much of your effort or money? Use MURdesign wall panels that imitate your favourite finishes! Here are five beautiful bedrooms with textured focal walls to inspire you!

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Textured and zen 

Doux relief

Source : Je décore/Peinture Vol. 13 No.5

This entire decor begins with a single starting point : the 3D effect wall behind the bed’s headboard! To get this look, the owners mixed and matched rectangular panels of different thicknesses that they painted pale blue… the perfect colour to help relax after a long day! 

DUO blanc

DUO White

Bohemian spirit

Design and creation : by the owners

There’s nothing better than wood to give your room a bohemian style! In this crisp white room, we opted for texture, instead of colour, to create interest : white 8-foot wood-particle panels, with varying widths of 8 inches, 6 inches and 4 inches, all meld together to create the look of real wood. Along with the wicker, foliage and wood found in the rest of the room, the panels give a country-feel to this light-filled space.


468 White

Industrial touch


Design and creation: by the owners.

This decor, heavily influenced by industrial trends, rests on the fantastic wall covering that echoes the duvet cover. While the 24 in x 48 in concrete-imitation panels can be found above the bed, other rectangular panels, some white, some concrete-imitation, share the wall opposite the bed. Everything comes together to create texture and movement in this contemporary space. 

Tuile béton

Concrete effect TILE

DUO béton

DUO Concrete

DUO blanc

DUO White

Classic haven

Refuge classique

Design and creation: Andrée Michel, Pur Design Déco. 

The element that really gives this classic room a touch of chic? The white 3D-effect wall that creates a beautiful contrast with the furniture as well as with the darker drop ceiling. The lighting shows off the rectangular panels’ subtle relief, which adds to this black and white room’s richness and elegance.

DUO blanc
DUO White

Rustic charm

Chaleur rustique

Design and stylist: Marie-Josée Leblanc, home staging specialist, This room is a part of the Avenue32 project in Lachine. Developer: DevMcGill.


It isn’t always easy to find the real barnwood needed to add rustic charm to a room. There’s an answer though! Try wall panels that imitate the real thing; as a bonus, these panels can be installed quickly and easily! They can be installed both vertically or horizontally, and can even be used with different colours and accessories, depending on the style you’re looking for! In this case, cozy pillows and blankets add to the feeling of a soft, comfortable cocoon.


CANTON Hatley, 48 in x 96 in

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