Small Change, Big Impact: 3 Ideas for Having Sweet Dreams

The bedroom deserves our attention. It's our private sanctuary and its decor should make us feel cosy. In addition to choosing the right colours, dressing the walls with a classic element will give it some panache. To do that, we remind ourselves that wall panels are a brilliant way of indulging in the latest trends for next to nothing.

1.     Chevrons: Wooden slats arranged in a V call to mind those luxurious European floor patterns. This geometric pattern is recreated by the CHEVRON Waterton panel that, true to the source of its inspiration, will inject at once a retro feel and a modern refinement to the space. For a successful boudoir look, we up the glamour factor with pastel tones and copper hardware.


2.  Wood: For a minimalist look that will enhance your immaculate bedding and sparse furniture, we opt for a classic wood finish assorted with a raw concrete finish. The idea is to go for a monochromatic colour scheme inspired by the CANTON Dunham wall panels. White, clay, grey, charcoal, ebony will come alive in the presence of sparkling decorative elements made of mirror or silver-plated metal.


3.   Marble: For an immediately luxurious feel, marble is unparalleled. With its grey and gold veins, the TERRA Atrium panels convey that natural stone's richness. They help elevate a Scandinavian decor, or give a feminine touch to a sanctuary reserved just for her. Velvety accents (fur, velour, and wool) will give the ambiance some warmth and provide cosy result.


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