5 ways to bring nature into your home

Summer is right around the corner, but it’s not too soon to bring the outdoors in by incorporating elements of nature and their many benefits into your home décor. It’s surprisingly easy!

Let there be light!







Open the curtains and windows! Pro tip: Use large mirrors to reflect the sunlight and adjust your lighting in the evening to extend the natural glow. Sometimes, natural sunlight is all we need to brighten our day or for a little jolt of energy.


Spruce up your walls








Cover every inch of your home with nature! With their oversized leaf prints, our NATURE Calao panels set the tone for a luxurious, exotic décor. While the Sherwood mural brings a peaceful atmosphere to any room. Which vibe is your favourite?

Renewable materials

Add splashes of natural and authentic materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo, linen, felt and other natural textiles, which will pair perfectly with your wall panels.





Add some green

Plants bring life! The houseplant trend just keeps on growing. There are many unique species to choose from to match your style, some of which are nearly impossible to kill!







A fragrant home

Natural fragrances also contribute to a lovely indoor atmosphere. Lavender promotes sleep, whereas rose, mint and camomile are known to positively influence mood.

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