The 4 golden rules of slow design

Slow design is gaining ground these days, as we seriously reconsider our values and our consumption. “Consume less; consume smarter” is the message behind this movement that emerged in the 2000s as a direct response to overconsumption.



Slow design falls well beyond the bounds of passing trends by standing against mass consumption and refusing standardized, ready-to-use (and throw away) objects. It encourages articles with unique, sustainable and creative character.



Favouring handmade items and traditional knowledge perpetuates skills and translates into high-quality products. Slow design also promotes the use of recycled or reclaimed materials to reduce our environmental footprint.



You may not have known it, but MURdesign has been making environmentally responsible, sustainable panels at its Saint-Hyacinthe plant for 15 years.



Taking its cue from slow fashion and slow food, this movement also reveres taking time. It aims to slow down frenetic production to create more energy-efficient furniture and other items. It also encourages consumers to take time to think before purchasing.


MURdesign’s carefully devised wall panels are elegant and long-lasting. For an eye-catching look that will never go out of style, check out the CANTON Alta panels that look just like light Scandinavian wood, or the DELANO line that resembles wood panelling.

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