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Guía de instrucciones Efecto de las tejas de hormigón

Materiales y herramientas requeridos

Tape measure, level, lead pencil, air nailer, air compressor, saw bench or circular saw and construction glue.


Consider the humidity level of the room where you will place the panels. In the case of wood-based panels, the humidity level affects the expansion and contraction of the wood. The relative humidity level of the room must be between 30% and 50% inclusive.

Let your panels stand for 48 to 72 hours in the room where you plan to install them so that they acclimatize to the ambient temperature and humidity of the room.

Your walls should absolutely be level, as much as possible. They must also be clean, dry and firm.


All MURdesign panels are made of high density fiber (HDF), the same component used in the manufacture of laminate flooring. To cut a panel, use a floor laminate laminated on a saw bench with the finished side facing upward. If you want to use another type of power saw such as a portable circular saw or a jigsaw equipped with a fine tooth blade, position the finished side face down. To cut the endpoint, measure and mark the perimeter to be cut; Drill a hole at each corner of the perimeter, and use a jigsaw with a fine-toothed blade to cut the endpoint.


For an upright installation, first make a mark on the wall a little more than the width of a tile (about 24 inches).
Using a level, draw a starting line for the first row.
Apply construction glue at several locations on the back of the tile.
Apply the first tile starting at the top.
Secure with an air nailer.
Continue installation with alternate joints.
Using a lead pencil, mask the holes of the nails.
For finishing on exposed corners of walls, you can paint the tile edges of a similar color to these or you can install an aluminum ceramic molding.


No special finishing is necessary.


Wash the panels with a clean cloth and mild soap. Avoid using a stronger soap, as it may alter the finish of the paint.